The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie


Posted on: September 18, 2010

First grade.
First pencil box.
First textbook (reading).
First spelling test (a, the, at, cat, hat, sat, cap, map, can); she says she did well on it.
First big freakout BEFORE shots rather than during or after. (There was an error last year…since her physical was before her birthday they immunized her for a four year old instead of a five year old – not too pleased about THAT – so she still needed a dtap and a polio as well as a finger stick for hemoglobin and lead and her flu shot which can’t be the mist now that she’s a diagnosed asthmatic; we did the dtap, flu, and fingerstick on Thursday and will go back for the polio next month sometime.). But as soon as she realized that she was getting shots, she started howling “I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared!”. We eventually got them into her when the nurse bet Shoshanna that she could do the shots faster than Shoshanna could count to 50. Which of course she did (the count was 27).


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