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Somehow I never posted about Shoshanna’s skating lessons last year. After pestering us for quite a while about it, she started doing the Basic Skills program at one of the nearby rinks last January. She passed Level 1 easily and at the start of her second session, the tested her on the Level 2 skills (at my request – I was pretty sure she could do them all) and bumped her to Level 3. Fast forward to the week before Thanksgiving – at the end of the fall session, she’s passed Level 4 and this weekend she’ll be skating in the club’s winter ice show (which is … a production).

Tonight we went to open skate after dinner… there was a girl there, probably about 13 years old, a more advanced skater, doing simple jumps and spins. She noticed Shoshanna watching her and the next thing I knew, they were both center ice and this older girl was doing a little coaching. As we were leaving, Shoshanna informed us, “I know what happens when you finish all the basic skills levels. PRIVATE LESSONS.”

(She’s not entirely right… there’s a slightly more intensive smaller group lesson program for the higher Learn to Skate levels. Stay tuned to see what happens with the ice show and if she’s really as interested in skating as she seems to be…)


We’re almost 10 weeks into fourth grade and it’s going well. Shosh has many friends in her class (including BFF G but not C, who was her main math competitor of the past four years – they had been together every year since kindergarten, so I’m kinda sad that they were split up) and she adores her teacher. She took the admissions test for City Honors and OAK last month and the rest of her paperwork is in process, so pretty soon we’ll be in the “it’s out of our hands, we just have to wait … possibly until June … to find out where she’s going to middle school” stage.

What else… we went to the pumpkin farm.

She bought herself a skateboard with some of her birthday money.

And she was Hermione Granger for Halloween.
Hermione Granger

That’s what Grammy asks me. Apparently the answer is, approximately every three months.

So, summer.

We went to Shenandoah National Park for five days right after school got out. 

The Yankees won their league, both regular season and playoffs.

And Shoshanna and I went to Portland for several days.

In between all that stuff, Shoshanna went to theater camp, her regular daycamp, and away for a long weekend with BFF G.

And then suddenly it was FOURTH GRADE. She got the teacher she wanted, G and K are both in her class, and their rebuilt school is drop-dead gorgeous.

Shoshanna came home from after-school today with a medium-sized scrape on the side of her face. I asked her if she’d taken another foot to the face while playing soccer, and she said “No, we were playing in the snow.” Makes sense.

At dinner when the scrape was pointed out to Matthew and he asked how she had gotten it, she said, “wrestling.” The following conversation ensued.

Us: Who were you wrestling with?
Her: Guess.
Me: Grace.
Her: Nooooooooo.
Us: We don’t know who.
Her: Liam.
Me: Oh, Liam M?
Her: No, the other Liam. Liam J.
Me: Right. Why were you guys wrestling?
Her: Because.
Matthew: Who started it?
Her: I tackled him.
Us: Why did you tackle him?
Her: Because.
Us: And then what?
Her: I threw snowballs at him. And then I was done and went to play with Grace.
Us: So you tackled him, threw snowballs at him, and then were done?
Her: But first I sat on him a little bit.
Us: …

We later established that this whole thing was part of a larger snowball fight amongst a bunch of the kids.

Junior Choir

Shoshanna the songbird is singing in two choirs right now – Junior Choir at Temple and her school chorus. She loves both of them. Junior choir sang at a local retirement community last weekend and she charmed the residents like crazy. It was kind of hilarious.

At an awards assembly the day before Thanksgiving Shoshanna was recognized for “Overall Excellence”. And her first-quarter report card was excellent. So she’s a little full of herself on that front.

Dental adventures continue… the sealant they put on her lower six-year molars isn’t doing as good a job as we would like and she has to have a filling in one of them next month. And then we’ll continue to watch and wait. She’s a trouper, though; the pediatric dentist we see is awesome.

I’m sure there was some other thing that I was going to post about but it escapes me. Such is life.

It’s been an idyllic weekend, weather-wise – just the kind of summer days that make you forget about how miserable WNY winters can be.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the beach at Evangola State Park. Shoshanna and a couple of new friends built a very complicated, very big sand castle and we swam (and got yelled at by the lifeguards for going out too far) and read and generally had fun.

Today we decided to go for a little bike ride. Or at least that’s what we told Shoshanna… She was ready to turn around after just over 2 miles; we convinced her to try to go a little further. She started whining after about 3 miles; we convinced her to go a little bit further. The entire trail was 4.6 miles in each direction (we didn’t do the loop at the bottom but did start about half a mile away from where that map starts)… and Shoshanna rode the whole 9.2 miles, including a couple of rests, in 1:40. What for us was a leisurely ride was one serious workout for her – we were SO impressed that she made it, despite three wooden bridges that kind of freaked her out and a minor spill when she tried to scratch her leg without stopping (possibly it was my fault that she tried that, since earlier I had pointed out to her that she didn’t need to stop to scratch her forehead) and lost control of her bike.

And she even had enough left in the tank to race us the last quarter-mile to the car.

She won.


Posted on: August 16, 2012

Yesterday this little graphic came through my Facebook feed. I chuckled and reposted it, not knowing that less than 12 hours later, Shoshanna would prove how very true it is.

Because last night when she was getting ready for bed, I was singing for her to “come here” so I could brush and braid her hair.

And she started singing about how she would “comb here”.

The apple, it appears, doesn’t fall very far from the pun tree.

Other news in bullet-list form:

  • Softball season is (finally) over. The Rebels took first place in the regular season and won a nail-biter to take first place in the post-season as well. We are very sad that this merry little band of nutjobs will be split up next year – there are five girls from the team moving up to the next division, and Trey doesn’t have five openings on his team.
  • Shoshanna loveloveLOVES camp but she’s also very excited to start third grade in a couple of weeks.
  • Dental fun continues. Shoshanna had the sealant put on her bottom six-year-molars to mitigate the effects of the demineralization that Dr. Dunn was concerned about. She was a model patient. I have a picture of her wearing the N2O mask but she has forbidden me from posting it on the Internet. Now it’s a game of watch and wait to see if the sealant holds and to see what kind of shape her upper molars are in. The first of them just poked through the gum recently – Shoshanna discovered it last night.
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