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This blog chronicles the adventures of our daughter Shoshanna, who was born at 25 weeks, 3 days gestation, weighing 1 pound, 13 oz. She spent 89 days in the neonatal intensive care unit and continuing care nursery, and came home two weeks before her due date. In the hospital, she was diagnosed with grade I/II IVH bilaterally, Stage I/II ROP bilaterally, chronic lung disease/BPD, and reflux. She came home from the hospital on supplemental oxygen and a pulse ox/heart rate monitor. Her IVH resolved itself within the first couple of weeks; the ROP was resolved by shortly after her due date, the BPD was considered “resolved” by the time she was six months old (though she did get a second season of Synagis and nobody batted an eyelash), and she was discharged from her gastroenterologist’s care at 13 months of age.

She’s now seven-and-a-half (the half is very important) and in second grade.  She still has reflux, mild asthma, and motor issues. She is also VERY bright and loves to read, do every craft that comes her way, swim, play softball, and dance.

In honor of her, we support the March of Dimes in their annual March for Babies events; we were the Ambassador Family for the 2009 March, and I’ve been on the local planning committee since 2008.

We would like to give tons of credit to the staff at the neonatal intensive care unit at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA for taking such great care of Shohsanna for the 89 days that she was hospiatlized. We were so fortunate to live half an hour away from such a great hospital, and it became our home away from home for the three months that Shoshanna was “on the inside.”


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