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Shoshanna’s world is currently a world of mohawks, in more ways than one.

On Thursday she went into her skating class very close to passing both USFSA Basic Skills levels 6 and 7 in one class session (kind of… they throw all the level 5-8 kids into one class, so she’d been working on some level 6 skills since January…). At the beginning of her 25 minutes of instructional time, in the penultimate class of the session, one move stood between her and passing level 7: the dreaded inside mohawk.

When I met her outside the rink when she was done, this is what I saw:

Six AND Seven

So that’s one mohawk licked. (I do have video of her doing it, but it’s chock full of video of other people’s kids, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that she’s got it down on both sides.) She has one more week of class so I don’t know what they’ll be doing this Thursday. That’ll be her last skating class until the fall, when she’s planning to enroll in the club’s “Shining Stars” program, which is more intensive group lessons for kids in levels 5-8. After level 8, stuff starts to get real and we have to look at contracting privately with a coach (facilitated through the club) if she wants to really pursue figure skating.

And then on Friday she had a date with Miss Brynn to get that floppy mop on top of her head seen to. She went into the appointment claiming she was going to have Brynn just buzz her entire head, but she decided about 2/3 of the way through that she liked the way it looked.*

Another Mohawk

So that’s the second mohawk.

But the thing is, she had been planning all along to dye her hair blue after it was shorn, which is how we went from this

Mohawk, day 2

to this

and now it's blue...

Apparently her homeroom/math teacher was slightly scandalized, more by the color than the cut. But she loves it and I think if anybody can rock a teal mohawk, it’s my kid.

*It should be noted that I had actually been advocating for the mohawk all along. And the color is semipermanent, though we used more and left it on longer than we have any other time, so who knows how long it’ll stay bluish.


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