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Somehow I never posted about Shoshanna’s skating lessons last year. After pestering us for quite a while about it, she started doing the Basic Skills program at one of the nearby rinks last January. She passed Level 1 easily and at the start of her second session, the tested her on the Level 2 skills (at my request – I was pretty sure she could do them all) and bumped her to Level 3. Fast forward to the week before Thanksgiving – at the end of the fall session, she’s passed Level 4 and this weekend she’ll be skating in the club’s winter ice show (which is … a production).

Tonight we went to open skate after dinner… there was a girl there, probably about 13 years old, a more advanced skater, doing simple jumps and spins. She noticed Shoshanna watching her and the next thing I knew, they were both center ice and this older girl was doing a little coaching. As we were leaving, Shoshanna informed us, “I know what happens when you finish all the basic skills levels. PRIVATE LESSONS.”

(She’s not entirely right… there’s a slightly more intensive smaller group lesson program for the higher Learn to Skate levels. Stay tuned to see what happens with the ice show and if she’s really as interested in skating as she seems to be…)


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