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  • Saturday night there will be three girls sleeping over and two more coming just for the evening. The plan is to decorate picture frames (we will then print party pictures to put in them overnight and that becomes their party favor), eat junk food, have a tinfoil fashion show, and .
  • The birthday outfit (just a blouse this year; Shoshanna now eschews anything with a skirt) is nearly done (needs some seam finishing, a hem, and a wash & press). She says she’s going to wear it to school on Friday.
  • The big present from us is ordered and should be here Monday so I can make sure it’s set up and ready to go when it comes out of the box on Thursday. Little presents from us are new PJ pants and belts (because the birthday blouse requires a belt).
  • Thursday which is, of course, Rosh Hashanah. She’s alternating between being excited that she doesn’t have to go to school on her birthday with being annoyed that the alternative is sitting in temple for a couple of hours.
  • One set of grandparents comes to visit the weekend after the big day and I think the plan is for them to take her out to increase by two the number of holes in her head.
  • The other set comes two weeks later.

I’m not sure the world’s ready for the SuperPreemie to be ten.


Birthday Dress - Action Shot

Don’t really know what else to add to that. The Kid is NINE. The day after her birthday, she got to be a Student Ambassador for the grand re-opening of her school and lead people on tours. We were disappointed that neither of us could go, but she reassured us that it was OK – they were only giving tours to “important people” (the important people on her tour turned out to be her friend K’s grandparents and a classmate’s dad).

We had a birthday bash with 11 of her friends at the trampoline gym. I mean, how can you go wrong with banks and banks of trampolines, even on the walls, a foam pit, baskets to bounce to and dunk in… and then we amped them up on pizza and cake and sent most of them home to their parents. We kept J and G for the night, and the three of them played and then watched The Princess Bride (S made it through about 2/3 of it before she was too pooped to continue and retired to the playroom to sleep) and got up bright and cheery (for the most part) on Sunday morning.

"As you wish..."

Shoshanna also got a bunch of gift cards from her friends and used some of them to acquire the thing that she had been asking and asking and asking for: a skateboard.

Action Girl

And on the second day of skateboarding Shoshanna, the neighbor kids were out and the three of them dragged out the ramp to play on.

So that’s nine.

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Hanging on for dear life...Sunday was PARTY DAY!!!  We decided a couple of years ago that birthday parties were a problem we were more than happy to throw money at, so the party was at a local kiddie gym.  We had about 15 kids ranging in age from 4 to 8 for an hour of running like crazy people in the gym and then snacks and cake.  Shoshanna was so busy running around that I hardly got any pictures of her during the whole process (and the best one I got is of her, J, G, and B so I’m not posting it without the others’ parents’ permission) but she had a blast.  We got home in time for her to open presents, have dinner, and crash before 8 pm.

Now we just have to fight with her about writing thank you notes to all her friends.

Why confine birthday celebrations to just one day?  What fun is that?

SpinningShoshanna celebrated her birthday at school on Friday. She took cookies to share with her friends and they sang to her and Mrs. S. gave her a Barbie book about horses.  She went swimming with her friend idol M at after school and then we went to dinner at Wegmans and stayed for their screening of Up (which I survived without tears, but it was a very near thing more than once, especially the interstitial sequence that takes you through most of Ellie and Carl’s adult lives).  She crashed when we got home, of course.

Saturday she and I got up early and watched some TV and then she demanded to open her presents in our bed, which she did.  We all had breakfast and then we headed out to pick up the rental car that we were going to need.  Shoshanna was surprisingly nonplussed by the fact that we needed a rental car; she didn’t ask any questions about it.  She and Matthew left the agency ahead of me and headed to the airport to wait for me, because that’s where you meet up with people, he told her.  Again, surprisingly nonplussed.  She did start to get a little annoyed with us when we told her that we had gotten her 2 free hours of people-watching for her birthday.  Before she totally lost it, though, she figured out why we were there.

It's CORA!That’s right, Shoshanna was the beneficiary of the fact that her aunt and uncle are really and truly clinically insane.  Jacy had won some standby tickets on Southwest and they used them to fly up here for the day – arriving bout 9:30 and leaving again at 5:30.  She was THRILLED to see her cousin, and I think Cora was just as happy to have a big kid to tag along after.  We stopped off at home for a bit, then went out for a brunchish meal where the girls amused themselves running around, climbing steps, and playing cars for the 20 minutes that we had to wait for a table.

d'awwwwwwThe many faces of Cora LIly
After that, we headed to the Science Museum to see the robotic dinosaurs, the mummies, the regular dinosaur exhibit, and the play area (which both girls loved).  Came home AGAIN, had cake and went rollerskating while the baby napped, built a city out of Shoshanna’s new legos, and then took the intrepid travelers back to the airport.


Do you think we were done yet?  NO!  Shoshanna had been very much looking forward to being allowed to learn to use the sewing machine, so I showed her and she managed to make a pincushion before we took her out to dinner.

And thus ended her ACTUAL sixth birthday.  Still to come: her birthday PARTY, which was on Sunday afternoon.

And I seriously doubt that I’ll have time to post about the Big Birthday Weekend until after it’s over, so here is something for you to watch in the meantime.

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Five. Wow.

So done.

End of the day completely exhausted birthday girl

We sent Shoshanna off to school yesterday wearing her new birthday dress and with her backpack loaded down with 2 boxes of animal crackers and a jug of juice for snacktime.

More insanity

Crazy Girls

We had some friends over for pizza & cupcakes last night – not a proper birthday party, that will be next month sometime once we have contact info for all her new kindergarten friends that she wants to invite.  Just five kids including Shoshanna, some time to run around outside, then dinner and hepping them up on cupcakes they decorated themselves.

Cupcake cruise director

Shoshanna the Cupcake Cruise Director

When just Ben and Jordan were still at the house, Shoshanna and Jordan ran upstairs to go to the bathroom.  A few minutes later I heard her bellowing for me and went upstairs to find the thing that it probably hasn’t occurred to any of you to fear:

Two five year old girls, a full toilet, and a toilet plunger.

Yeah.  Thankfully no harm was done.  They had decided the toilet wasn’t working right and were trying to fix it.  Then Shoshanna was so tired she kept trying to convince Jordan to play “sleep”.

Silly girls

Can you see from Shoshanna's face how completely exhausted she is?

She passed out cold when we put her to bed.

Yeah, I’m a couple of days late. Tuesday was a pleasant, kinda lazy day at home (Shoshanna is home from preschool one day a week, and it just happened that her birthday fell on a Tuesday). As I told Matthew, we played with playdough, finger painted, baked a cake, played outside, read books, went to story time at the library, and visited with our friend Wendy, and that was all before lunch. When M got home, we opened presents (biggest hits: a football from us and Thomas the Tank Engine Duplo from Grammy and Grampa) and ordered pizza for dinner. I had a meeting Tuesday night so M let Shoshanna watch Cinderella for the 763rd time before bed.

It took quite a bit of persuading to get her to let me take pictures of her with Pickles and Baby, but eventually got some good shots. Even telling her that it was a special birthday thing didn’t convince her!

With baby for scale... (by sarahmichelef)

Still watching over her (by sarahmichelef)

3rd Birthday Mosaic (by sarahmichelef)

L to R (and then down): 3rd birthday, 9 days old, 1st birthday, 2nd birthday

We were reflecting on birthdays. For Shoshanna’s first birthday, we were still getting settled in after the move and also still very much in preemie parent mode. At 1, she was a very normal 9 month old. Last year, she had been discharged from OT and PT and was considered “caught up” and we were both pretty emotional about the whole thing. This year, it was still a time for reflection but not draining the way it was last year.

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