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Today’s the first day of school. Shoshanna wanted me to drop her off rather than taking the bus… I offered to walk her up the steps but she said no, only to change her mind after I was double parked with no easy way to get legally parked. So she climbed out and began to trudge up the many steps to the front door … gaining velocity as she went up. Given how nervous I was, I imagine she was terrified. The high schoolers look ENORMOUS next to her.


Ready and Waiting

In the dropoff line

In the dropoff line

Up the stairs into school

Off she goes


I have a friend who I met through the online preemie community who also happens to live in Western Mass. After she had her own preemies, she went on to become a NICU nurse and she works at Baystate.

The other day I got a Facebook message from her asking who Shoshanna’s nurses were. We told her Jen, who we knew had left, and Sue whose last name we couldn’t remember until she started throwing last names at me.

Turns out Sue still works there, and they were working together the next night. She remembers Shoshanna but patently refuses to believe that it’s been almost 10 years since she took care of her (or came to visit her in the CCN one last time before she was discharged). 

Me: OK, Shoshanna, time for us to go out to the bus.

Shoshanna: *rolls her eyes* Mom. I can go by myself.

Me: Well, you can’t leave without saying goodbye to us.

Shoshanna: *rolls her eyes* Fine. You can come with me.

Matthew: You still have to say goodbye to me.

Shoshanna: *sigh* Bye.

Shoshanna exits.

I follow her, trying hard not to laugh.

Middle school orientation swag: school tshirt and a window cling for the car.

Middle school orientation swag: school tshirt and a window cling for the car.

This morning, Shoshanna and I trekked to City Honors School for two hours of orientation. That’s right, in September, she will be in MIDDLE SCHOOL. She got to meet the 5th grade teachers, have a tour of the building. Parents got info about the curriculum (she’ll be taking Mandarin 2 days a cycle and either French or Spanish – she wants to do French – 3 days a cycle), our own tour of the building, and information about the day-to-day logistics of having our 9 and 10 and 11 year olds in a building with 18 year olds (answer: the 5th and 6th graders are pretty much isolated on the ground floor of the building, but starting in 7th they’re more in the mix). She also signed up for instrumental music – her first choice is violin but I had her put down viola as well, since her first priority in an instrument is that it be easy to carry.

So that’s that. She has five weeks left of elementary school. Her “moving up” ceremony is June 24th.

We’re three weeks away from March for Babies and we’re way behind on our fundraising this year. Just to remind you of why we do this, I thought I’d do a little then and now comparison.

Shoshanna 9 1/2 years ago last Friday, with Pickles (10/4/04)

Dinosaur Guardian

Shoshanna last Thursday, with her invention for the Invention Convention (which is today) (4/3/14)
Invention Convention 2014

9 1/2 years ago today (10/7/04) was the first time we were able to hold her – she was 12 days old.
Sarah Holds Shoshanna 12 Days

Because it’s a school day, I didn’t get a picture of her this morning… but yesterday we went to the park to try out her new bat (in addition to biking 3.5 miles, playing on the playground, and trying out her new-to-her softball mitt).

I honestly can’t even wrap my head around the then-and-now. She was about 1 1/2 pounds and somewhere in the neighborhood of 13″ long 9 1/2 years ago. We measured her when we were bat shopping on Saturday and she measured 56″with sneakers on.

Do you think you can help us thank the March of Dimes for the research that helped Shoshanna survive as well the support they give to families like ours?

You can do that right here.


… we got the letter in the mail today.

Shoshanna was accepted to the magnet middle school for next year. It feeds directly into the International Baccalaureate high school which is routinely on various lists of the best public high schools in the U.S. (though M always quibbles that those lists include % of kids getting free/reduced lunch as part of their metrics, which skews in favor of  urban schools like hers).

It remains to be seen which of her friends will be joining her… I guess we’ll know more come tomorrow or Monday.

Sometime around the middle of the second quarter of this school year, Shoshanna informed us that she really wanted to have an A+ average for the first semester. We told her that if she did her best work, she might be able to do it.

Fast forward to the arrival of her report card yesterday.

97.75 average.

An A+ is a 98.

We’re choosing to round to the nearest whole number.

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