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Posted on: October 2, 2015

And with that, another birthday has come and gone, and we’re five weeks into sixth grade. Softball is over (the Yankees ended the regular season tied for second and won the postseason tournament). Dance (just tap) started three weeks ago and  WHOA they are doing some hard stuff. Skating in the “Junior Club” class starts tomorrow afternoon.

Shoshanna freaked out her class by including the “little old man” picture in her “All About Me” presentation. She is learning the challenges of playing her violin with the full 5th and 6th grade string orchestra (“I get lost on the parts I’m not as good at yet!”) and we had to break down and buy her the biggest student backpack that LL Bean sells just so she can schlep all of her homework around.


Shoshanna’s been at camp a week and we’ve already had more meaningful communication from her in that time than we did in the whole two weeks she was away last summer (two postcards, one with actual content, plus some updates crammed into the blank space on a mad libs mailer).

The most important thing, though, is that we should PLEASE SEND GUM.

Priorities: She has them.

Priorities: She has them.

Don't f*ck with Katniss…prompted by it being World Prematurity Day yesterday.

Birthday hijinks and family visits were lovely. Birthday pictures are here and family visit pictures are here.

She was Katniss Everdeen for Halloween and the next day she chopped all of her hair off (I’ve been teasing her that she now has the same hairstyle as one of the characters in her current favorite TV show (minus the color, anyway…).

She’s loving her piano lessons and she’s skating in her skating club’s Winter Ice Show in a couple of weeks (very much the dance recital of the skating lessons world…). She misses BFF G terribly but she’s making new friends in middle school.

WPDPicAnd finally, here’s our nod to World Prematurity Day: Two pictures taken almost exactly 10 years apart.

I have a friend who I met through the online preemie community who also happens to live in Western Mass. After she had her own preemies, she went on to become a NICU nurse and she works at Baystate.

The other day I got a Facebook message from her asking who Shoshanna’s nurses were. We told her Jen, who we knew had left, and Sue whose last name we couldn’t remember until she started throwing last names at me.

Turns out Sue still works there, and they were working together the next night. She remembers Shoshanna but patently refuses to believe that it’s been almost 10 years since she took care of her (or came to visit her in the CCN one last time before she was discharged). 

Sometime around the middle of the second quarter of this school year, Shoshanna informed us that she really wanted to have an A+ average for the first semester. We told her that if she did her best work, she might be able to do it.

Fast forward to the arrival of her report card yesterday.

97.75 average.

An A+ is a 98.

We’re choosing to round to the nearest whole number.


Originally uploaded by therebelight.

… at my friend’s art installation.

Shoshanna and six-week-old Eviva.

Currently from the other room I hear this from Shoshanna and Cora, who are drawing…

C: I broked it!
S: That’s OKAY! It’s YOURS!

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