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  • Saturday night there will be three girls sleeping over and two more coming just for the evening. The plan is to decorate picture frames (we will then print party pictures to put in them overnight and that becomes their party favor), eat junk food, have a tinfoil fashion show, and .
  • The birthday outfit (just a blouse this year; Shoshanna now eschews anything with a skirt) is nearly done (needs some seam finishing, a hem, and a wash & press). She says she’s going to wear it to school on Friday.
  • The big present from us is ordered and should be here Monday so I can make sure it’s set up and ready to go when it comes out of the box on Thursday. Little presents from us are new PJ pants and belts (because the birthday blouse requires a belt).
  • Thursday which is, of course, Rosh Hashanah. She’s alternating between being excited that she doesn’t have to go to school on her birthday with being annoyed that the alternative is sitting in temple for a couple of hours.
  • One set of grandparents comes to visit the weekend after the big day and I think the plan is for them to take her out to increase by two the number of holes in her head.
  • The other set comes two weeks later.

I’m not sure the world’s ready for the SuperPreemie to be ten.


Birthday Dress - Action Shot

Don’t really know what else to add to that. The Kid is NINE. The day after her birthday, she got to be a Student Ambassador for the grand re-opening of her school and lead people on tours. We were disappointed that neither of us could go, but she reassured us that it was OK – they were only giving tours to “important people” (the important people on her tour turned out to be her friend K’s grandparents and a classmate’s dad).

We had a birthday bash with 11 of her friends at the trampoline gym. I mean, how can you go wrong with banks and banks of trampolines, even on the walls, a foam pit, baskets to bounce to and dunk in… and then we amped them up on pizza and cake and sent most of them home to their parents. We kept J and G for the night, and the three of them played and then watched The Princess Bride (S made it through about 2/3 of it before she was too pooped to continue and retired to the playroom to sleep) and got up bright and cheery (for the most part) on Sunday morning.

"As you wish..."

Shoshanna also got a bunch of gift cards from her friends and used some of them to acquire the thing that she had been asking and asking and asking for: a skateboard.

Action Girl

And on the second day of skateboarding Shoshanna, the neighbor kids were out and the three of them dragged out the ramp to play on.

So that’s nine.

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Posted on: October 16, 2012


I could say that I was intentionally waiting until all of Shoshanna’s birthday festivities and related events were over with until blogging about it, but I would be lying. That I am blogging after all of those things happened is really just a symptom of how busy we’ve been.

So. Birthday Stuff. Shoshanna had so much fun with her roller skating party last year that we did it again this year! Grandma and Opa came to visit for the weekend before her birthday, which was also the weekend of the party. We had 13 kids and pizza and cake and video games and all sorts of craziness.


Her actual birthday was on a Tuesday, of course. She took homemade snickerdoodles to school for snack, wore her birthday dress, had an after-school playdate with G & J since after-school was closed because it was Erev Yom Kippur, and then went to the Rebels’ end-of-season party. After all that excitement, it was a good thing she didn’t have to get up at 6 to catch the school bus the next day.

On the way home from school

Grammy and Grampa came for their “birthday” visit over Columbus Day weekend. We went for a walk along the river, to tap class, had dinner with friends, and on Monday while M and I were at work, Shoshanna and her grandparents went to the science museum and then they took her to ballet.

And today was the last birthday “event” – her annual physical. She has been pronounced fit as a fiddle. We have been encouraged to keep her off of Pulmicort as long as we can and have been told under what conditions we need to restart it. We’ve also been encouraged to try to get her digestive system better-regulated through her diet and then try to wean her off of the Prevacid. “Hakuna Matata” is supposed to be her guiding principle when she gets worried about thing, per Dr. L’s orders. Oh, and for those playing along at home, she’s still denser than she is tall – 30th percentile for height and 75th for weight.

Shoshanna swam three races: the 25 freestyle, one leg of the 25 free relay, and the 25 breaststroke. And she got a medal (all the kids did), which she insisted on wearing to school the next day.

Another tooth bites the dustShoshanna is in the bathroom brushing her teeth; I am folding laundry.

S: Moooooooommmmmmmmmmm!
Me: What?
S: Will you pull my tooth for me?
Me: Is it bugging you?
S: Yes.
Me: Did you spend all day wiggling it?
S: Yes.
Me: OK, I’ll see what I can do.

It did take a couple of tries, but once I was able to get a grip on it, tooth number five came out quite easily. For those keeping score at home, it was the lefthand lower second incisor, so she’s now got an enormous gap on the left side of her mouth, and one upper central incisor still hanging on, barely loose.

Remember almost 3 years ago, when Shoshanna’s PT recommended SureStep SMOs? She’s been wearing them ever since and they have done a world of good for her pronation, her stability, and her gait.

Now, here’s a thing about SureSteps. They’re great, but they severely limit a kid’s footwear options. Shoshanna loves shoes (almost as much as I do) and so having to wear boring sneakers all the time (it took us a year and a half to find a mary jane that would fit over the things) was quite the trial for her. I promised her a while ago that when she got out of the braces, we would go to the shoe store and she could pick out whatever shoes she wanted. Read the rest of this entry »

Shoshanna is counting the days – every morning she asks us how many days until her birthday  and we make her figure it out. They made “All About Me” posters for school and she put her age down as 7 – the answer to “how old are you” has been “sixalmostseven” for weeks.

There’s a desk, a chair, and a bookshelf sitting in flat-pack boxes in the sewing room, along with  some clothes and ZhuZhu Pet houses. There’s a titanium spork hiding in the study.

The roller rink is booked for Sunday afternoon, the cake is ordered. We have RSVPs from about half the kids we invited (what is it with RSVPs? Does nobody do them anymore?) Saturday we’ll buy ice cream and stuff for party favors.

And because it wouldn’t be Shoshanna’s birthday week without depressing preemie news, there’s this.

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