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Nine, y’all. NINE.

Posted on: October 1, 2013

Birthday Dress - Action Shot

Don’t really know what else to add to that. The Kid is NINE. The day after her birthday, she got to be a Student Ambassador for the grand re-opening of her school and lead people on tours. We were disappointed that neither of us could go, but she reassured us that it was OK – they were only giving tours to “important people” (the important people on her tour turned out to be her friend K’s grandparents and a classmate’s dad).

We had a birthday bash with 11 of her friends at the trampoline gym. I mean, how can you go wrong with banks and banks of trampolines, even on the walls, a foam pit, baskets to bounce to and dunk in… and then we amped them up on pizza and cake and sent most of them home to their parents. We kept J and G for the night, and the three of them played and then watched The Princess Bride (S made it through about 2/3 of it before she was too pooped to continue and retired to the playroom to sleep) and got up bright and cheery (for the most part) on Sunday morning.

"As you wish..."

Shoshanna also got a bunch of gift cards from her friends and used some of them to acquire the thing that she had been asking and asking and asking for: a skateboard.

Action Girl

And on the second day of skateboarding Shoshanna, the neighbor kids were out and the three of them dragged out the ramp to play on.

So that’s nine.

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