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Summer in WNY

Posted on: August 19, 2012

It’s been an idyllic weekend, weather-wise – just the kind of summer days that make you forget about how miserable WNY winters can be.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the beach at Evangola State Park. Shoshanna and a couple of new friends built a very complicated, very big sand castle and we swam (and got yelled at by the lifeguards for going out too far) and read and generally had fun.

Today we decided to go for a little bike ride. Or at least that’s what we told Shoshanna… She was ready to turn around after just over 2 miles; we convinced her to try to go a little further. She started whining after about 3 miles; we convinced her to go a little bit further. The entire trail was 4.6 miles in each direction (we didn’t do the loop at the bottom but did start about half a mile away from where that map starts)… and Shoshanna rode the whole 9.2 miles, including a couple of rests, in 1:40. What for us was a leisurely ride was one serious workout for her – we were SO impressed that she made it, despite three wooden bridges that kind of freaked her out and a minor spill when she tried to scratch her leg without stopping (possibly it was my fault that she tried that, since earlier I had pointed out to her that she didn’t need to stop to scratch her forehead) and lost control of her bike.

And she even had enough left in the tank to race us the last quarter-mile to the car.

She won.


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