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Posted on: August 16, 2012

Yesterday this little graphic came through my Facebook feed. I chuckled and reposted it, not knowing that less than 12 hours later, Shoshanna would prove how very true it is.

Because last night when she was getting ready for bed, I was singing for her to “come here” so I could brush and braid her hair.

And she started singing about how she would “comb here”.

The apple, it appears, doesn’t fall very far from the pun tree.

Other news in bullet-list form:

  • Softball season is (finally) over. The Rebels took first place in the regular season and won a nail-biter to take first place in the post-season as well. We are very sad that this merry little band of nutjobs will be split up next year – there are five girls from the team moving up to the next division, and Trey doesn’t have five openings on his team.
  • Shoshanna loveloveLOVES camp but she’s also very excited to start third grade in a couple of weeks.
  • Dental fun continues. Shoshanna had the sealant put on her bottom six-year-molars to mitigate the effects of the demineralization that Dr. Dunn was concerned about. She was a model patient. I have a picture of her wearing the N2O mask but she has forbidden me from posting it on the Internet. Now it’s a game of watch and wait to see if the sealant holds and to see what kind of shape her upper molars are in. The first of them just poked through the gum recently – Shoshanna discovered it last night.
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