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Dental Update

Posted on: July 5, 2012

We saw the pediatric dentist today. First off, that lady is awesome. She was totally prepared to deal with an anxious kid, found things for Shoshanna to go do (getting a panoramic x-ray, picking prizes) while discussing treatment options with me, etc.

She calls what Shoshanna has “demineralization” of the enamel – basically for whatever reason, the enamel on some of her teeth (lower six-year molars, the upper central incisor that we have affectionately named “chomper”) is … inadequate. Not hard enough, not up to the task.  It’s not a result of improper dental care, or too much sugar, or any of the other things that usually cause cavities (and she was very clear that it’s not even a cavity… yet). On the incisor, it’s purely a cosmetic issue, but those molars are going to require some extra TLC – extra-careful brushing, an extra fluoride rinse, and we go back at the end of the month to have a sealant put on those bottom ones (at least all the bits that are erupted… one of them is still partially in the gum). Sealant may not be a long-term solution because it doesn’t stick to the weak enamel as well as to healthy enamel.

Based on her description of how this condition used to be treated, I’d give it pretty even odds that we’re looking at a genetic issue, not a prematurity one, here. When I was a kid my six-year-molars “didn’t enamel over completely”. 27 years ago the treatment was drilling and filling… and now that’s not what they do because it apparently sets you up for a lifetime of the tooth crumbling and having to repair those fillings (which jives with my experience to a T).

We also learned that one of Shoshanna’s upper six-year molars is coming in a bit too far forward and wearing on one of her existing molars(an “ectopic eruption”). If it continues on that trajectory the new dentist will do just a titch of low-tech orthodontic work (aka, a rubber band around the offending tooth) to get it to move to where it’s supposed to be.


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[…] Shoshanna had the sealant put on her bottom six-year-molars to mitigate the effects of the demineralization that Dr. Dunn was concerned about. She was a model patient. I have a picture of her wearing the N2O mask but she has forbidden me […]

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