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And also, softball

Posted on: June 5, 2012


Second Base

Did I mention that softball started? And that the Rebels are back together? Yeah. They’re still hilarious. So far they’ve only managed to have one game, which they won 4 – 2. And then we had a week of bad weather and last weekend’s game was rained out.

The kids are doing REALLY well. They actually seem like a team! Even the new girls are catching on really fast, though one of the kindergartners runs the bases every time. On every play. Whether she’s batting or playing outfield. She runs the bases. It’s hilarious, really.

So since most of the girls have the basics down, now they’re working on things like backing each other up and making sure to cover bases. This means a lot less boredom, too – because even if the ball’s not coming your way, you have a job to do!

Which resulted in one play in the first game when Shoshanna was playing right-center. The ball was hit… somewhere that wasn’t near her. What did she do? Picked up on the fact that she second baseman was not aware of the play at all and covered second. The play didn’t come to her, but .. she covered it.

Not strike 3

Not strike 3.

And she also is batting .333 for the season. Struck out twice but singled in her second at bat, and drove in a run.

Next game’s tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

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