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Dance Recital, Third Time Edition

Posted on: June 4, 2012

This year was the first time Shoshanna’s been in more than one dance class. Since her studio has been growing by leaps & bounds and Candace had to accommodate 33 pairs of siblings AND 33 kids who were in multiple numbers, there was basically no chance of both of Shoshanna’s dances being in the same show. We ended up with tap on Saturday morning and ballet on Sunday afternoon.

This has been a really good year of dance for her. She’s progressed a LOT in terms of her attention span and her ability to pick up the steps in a reasonable amount of time. (Rhythm… is coming along.) And she dances CONSTANTLY, making up new combos of the various steps that she’s learned in her classes.

Anyway. Her tap dance was to the first 2 minutes or so of Justin Bieber’s “Baby, Baby, Baby”. I will spare you a link, but don’t think I’m not tempted. Her ballet dance was called “Garden Fairies”; I don’t know the music that it was set to. What was noteworthy about it was that it was in 3-4 time, which is much more challenging to dance to than 4-4 time.

So… here you go. Pictures. There were soooo many kids in her tap class that I didn’t manage to get a good individual picture of her from the front. But you better believe those purple sparkly accessories have been worn a couple of times a week since the recital.

Killing time in the gazebo

Killing time in the gazebo before the ballet show

Garden Fairy

Our Garden Fairy

Here they go!

Start of the tap dance


End of the tap dance


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