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Little-Known Preemie Thing: Teeth

Posted on: April 13, 2012

7: Third

Here’s a little-known preemie thing. Or a thing that we assume is a preemie thing: weird teeth. Anecdotally, weird preemie teeth take a couple of forms. They can show what we assume to be the impressions of their ET tube – little crescent shapes that show up on the business edge of the tooth. They can also be discolored, a side effect of the multitudes of antibiotics that these kiddos get.

Shoshanna’s got the first preemie tooth thing. We noted it pretty early on, with both of her upper central incisors and one of the second incisors.

Her mouth gets more ridiculous every day.

So far, her permanent teeth seem to be unaffected. But then… we can only see one upper incisor, so that’s not a great sample!

But here’s how quickly things change in the world of preemie care: a couple of years ago, our dentist’s office had a sample of a mouth guard used for intubated infants, which would hold the ET tube in place and presumably also prevent the tube from rubbing against a neonate’s developing tooth buds! (Don’t ask my why our dentist’s office had it lying around, but they showed it to me.)

And hey, do you know who makes a huge difference in preemie care? The March of Dimes, of course! We are, of course, doing the March for Babies again this year. As always, we would love to have folks join our team, walk in your local event, or donate! Our team page where you can join us or donate is here.


1 Response to "Little-Known Preemie Thing: Teeth"

We have the preemie teeth issues, discoloration, etc. It was definitely worse on the baby teeth, but Syd has it pretty noticeable on one of her front teeth too. So far, she hasn’t been too self-conscious about it. They both just got braces on their front four teeth too. I’m seeing $$ in my future. LOL

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