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The State of Shoshanna’s Feet

Posted on: March 7, 2012

Remember almost 3 years ago, when Shoshanna’s PT recommended SureStep SMOs? She’s been wearing them ever since and they have done a world of good for her pronation, her stability, and her gait.

Now, here’s a thing about SureSteps. They’re great, but they severely limit a kid’s footwear options. Shoshanna loves shoes (almost as much as I do) and so having to wear boring sneakers all the time (it took us a year and a half to find a mary jane that would fit over the things) was quite the trial for her. I promised her a while ago that when she got out of the braces, we would go to the shoe store and she could pick out whatever shoes she wanted.

New Shoes!

You see, a couple of weeks ago she complained that they were leaving red marks on her feet, so I made an appointment with the orthotist. He had reckoned when she got this pair that they would probably be her last. We saw him today and, yes, the current ones were too small. He put her through her paces quickly (running, jumping, squatting, hopping, balancing on one foot) and decided that we didn’t need to order another pair.


2 Responses to "The State of Shoshanna’s Feet"

WooHoo! Time to take Shoshanna shoe shopping!

When Elana was little, such shoes (sparkly, of any color) were called “Dorofys”. Love her choice!

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