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OK… this is the last holiday post, I promise.

Posted on: February 19, 2012

Trying to convince us that she likes it

After our couple of days at the Gaylord, we migrated across the street to another hotel and availed ourselves of the rest of Nashville.

Shoshanna got her very first Shirley Temple. She tried valiantly to like it, but she didn’t, particularly. We realized later… it was the first fizzy drink she’d ever had.

Reading at BB King'sThen we had dinner at B.B. King’s. It was delicious, Cora loved the band, and Shoshanna did what Shoshanna does.

On New Year’s Eve, we went to see the Parthenon in the afternoon. Shoshanna and Cora played mountain climbers out front, and then we explored the building itself.

Me and my pile of girlsNew Year’s Eve evening was total serendipity. We found parking within blocks of Ryman Auditorium and managed to score seven tickets, all together, for the Grand Ole Opry (and Cora counted as a lap child). Then we managed to find a restaurant, also within a couple of blocks of the theater, that could seat us immediately and had truly delicious food. The show itself was very entertaining and we all loved it.  All of this was also within walking distance of downtown, where we fought the crowds to get some delicious ice cream for dessert and then stationed ourselves at 4th and Broadway to wait for midnight. And what do you do while you wait for midnight? Well, that’s obvious.What else do you do while waiting for midnight?

Shoshanna managed to stay up to midnight in quite good spirits and sacked out in the car in half a minute, as you might expect.

On New Year’s Day we had brunch at a teeny (no really, I think the place had 6 tables) restaurant, then checked out the science museum. Shoshanna spent most of the time in a giant climbing structure-slash-exhibit, but she also tried her hand at wheelchair basketball.Shootin' Hoops

And then we hopped a plane home.



1 Response to "OK… this is the last holiday post, I promise."

I adore your blog! My daughter was born at 27 weeks (you can follow her story at if you are interested!) and it has been a struggle finding stories to help me navigate the crazy world that is raising a preemie!! Your blog definitely helps so THANK YOU!!!!

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