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World Prematurity Day!

Posted on: November 17, 2011

November is Prematurity Awareness Month and today is World Prematurity Day! Not that those of you who are reading this probably aren’t on some level aware of prematurity. And I think there are even days that pass when I am on some level unaware of prematurity. But even now, 2579 days after Shoshanna’s birth, prematurity is a part of our daily life. Really, there’s not that much more to add from what I wrote for a Prematurity Awareness Month blogging event two years ago. Shoshanna still wears SureSteps, though Mr. Don thinks that this pair, her third, will probably be her last. She still gets PT twice a week at school; we got a progress report yesterday and she’s progressing satisfactorily towards her goal of being able to hopscotch on her left foot. She does well on stairs but needs to be reminded to pay attention to what she’s doing – my rueful rejoinder to that was, “If that’s the goal, Shoshanna will be getting PT FOREVER!” We managed to get rid of the reflux meds for a while but she’s been back on them since August. Since two years ago we’ve also gained an asthma diagnosis – at the time of that post we were at the beginning of a six-month-long low-level respiratory crud. We’ve since established that her only asthma trigger is illness – which is actually good, because what it really means is that the cause is crappy preemie lungs, which makes it more likely that she’ll grow out of it.

This morning NPR ran a story entitled Why Brain Injuries are More Common in Preemies, talking about white matter injury in premature infants. Could Shoshanna have white matter injury? We actually don’t know; we haven’t felt it necessary to get imaging on her brain. But what are some of the effects of white matter injury? Gross motor and attentional issues.

So yes. We are aware of prematurity. How could we not be? Fortunately for us, our awareness of prematurity ends like this.
Homework, second grade edition.

But just in case you needed a reminder of where our awareness of prematurity started, it looked like this.
First Breast Milk


1 Response to "World Prematurity Day!"

It’s amazing how for they’ve come — Shoshanna is an amazing girl! I hope Shoshanna is truly on her last pair of SureSteps. Max has also gone back and forth on the reflux meds and it looks like they’re here to stay for a while. And we’re also stuck with a viral-induced asthma diagnosis. We wonder about brain injury as well — Max didn’t have any brain bleeds, but he spent his first month battling meningitis. It’s so hard to know which behaviors or challenges are a result of their prematurity and which would have just been there anyway.

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