The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

We must remember these afternoons/evenings…

Posted on: October 24, 2011

… and store them up against the ones that involve nothing but fights over homework, screaming about household responsibilities, and general bad attitudes.

I picked Shoshanna up at her afterschool program around 3:30 and we headed to ballet. She changed into her Cindy Lou Who costume (it was Halloween Dress Up Day) without any fuss and was pretty well-behaved during class.  Her friend was dressed as Dorothy and her hair ribbons were a little distracting to Shoshanna but I didn’t hear any of the patented “Shoshanna objects to this” noise coming from the studio.

On the way home she munched on her apple that Miss Candace (the studio owner) had given all the kids. Once home, she and Matthew went upstairs to her desk to work on her Puerto Rico project while I checked her homework and started dinner. The homework was not only perfect, but showed no evidence of having been rushed through (a rare occurrence). She had one tantrum during the process of copying down her last recipe (the project was to write out and decorate a Puerto Rican recipe – she decided it would be fun to do an entire meal and make a poster of it) but that was it.

When dinner was ready she came downstairs and set the table with only one reminder. She ate her whole dinner without once asking “Do I have to eat all of this to get dessert?” After dessert she wanted to go back upstairs and keep working on her poster, so we did that, with no tantrums even when I made suggestions about how to do things.

When it was time to get ready for bed, she did that cheerfully too. And in just a second I’m going to go turn off her light. And remember this evening because tomorrow might be the polar opposite.


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