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Another year gone by…

Posted on: September 23, 2011

Shoshanna is counting the days – every morning she asks us how many days until her birthday  and we make her figure it out. They made “All About Me” posters for school and she put her age down as 7 – the answer to “how old are you” has been “sixalmostseven” for weeks.

There’s a desk, a chair, and a bookshelf sitting in flat-pack boxes in the sewing room, along with  some clothes and ZhuZhu Pet houses. There’s a titanium spork hiding in the study.

The roller rink is booked for Sunday afternoon, the cake is ordered. We have RSVPs from about half the kids we invited (what is it with RSVPs? Does nobody do them anymore?) Saturday we’ll buy ice cream and stuff for party favors.

And because it wouldn’t be Shoshanna’s birthday week without depressing preemie news, there’s this.


2 Responses to "Another year gone by…"

I hope Shoshanna has a grand birthday! What happened to our tiny babies!

I RSVP’d! Just in person 🙂 We’re coming and we have an outfit for Jenny 🙂 Do I get to skate too?

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