The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Second Grade

Posted on: September 7, 2011

Picture is still in the camera, but Shoshanna was successfully delivered to her school’s (beautiful and closer to our house) temporary building around 8 this morning. We found her classroom, which was empty, but around the corner was the row of cubbies, our neighbor B (who is in her class), Mrs. R, and another kid from her class. Shoshanna gleefully read the names of all the friends who are in her class (we knew about B and Grace, but no one else) – there are many, including the boy she has been going to marry since kindergarten. After the cubby was squared away, Mrs. R took Shoshanna and B to the classroom and told them to pick their desks and find their name tags to put on their desks and confirmed afternoon transportation plans with B’s mom and me.

It was funny… all day yesterday she kept telling me she was nervous about second grade, but couldn’t articulate why. This morning she bounded into our room all excited at 6, had taken her meds and was dressed by 6:30, and after that was nervous again. I think once we got there, though, she was just excited.


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