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And now summer is coming to an end…

Posted on: August 30, 2011

Cousin Playdoh TimeOh, look, I never posted about DC and Shoshanna’s week at Camp Grandma. A couple of days after we got home from Portland we turned around and headed to DC. Matthew and I hung out for a couple of days, during which time Shoshanna and Cora played with play dough and went to the playground and otherwise enjoyed each others’ company. Shoshanna still gets annoyed with Cora but now they can also play together which they both love.

NOW Cora's happy!We also traipsed off to Hershey Park, like you do… Shoshanna was very disappointed that she hadn’t grown enough to move up to the next type of candy. Even telling her that the only things that Hershey Bars get to ride that Peanut Butter Cups can’t are a couple of the big waterslides didn’t mollify her. She got over it, though, and had a lot of fun. She was more than willing to accompany Cora on the baby rides as well as going on lots of big rides. She didn’t want to ride the Super Dooper Looper again, but she did go on the Comet, an old school wooden coaster.

And then Matthew and I left her with Grandma and Opa while we went to Pennsic. She missed us, probably more than she ever has before, even though Fran kept her hopping – they went to a Keys game, to Fort McHenry, to Mount Vernon, to Luray Caverns… and probably a lot of things that I’m forgetting. But as much fun as Shoshanna was having, she was really, REALLY happy to come home.

Last day of campAfter THAT, Shoshanna went to one more week of camp, and we were back from all our vacations in time for her to play in the playoffs of her softball league. Yes, the Rebels made it to the playoffs! They played a three-game series against the #1 team in the league, which they one in three, but that was apparently all they had in them, because they lost the championship series in two games. But MAN, we are so proud of those kids. They were a team of almost entirely young second graders (many of them aren’t even 7 yet) and about half of them would fall down when they tried to swing the bat at the beginning of the season. At the end they were a fairly competent softball team!

And now Matthew and I are back to school, Shoshanna’s at Kids Place camp this week, and we got her classroom assignment yesterday. We had asked around about second grade teachers and I’d put in a request for one of two who are reportedly fairly structured and have high expectations… and she got one of them. Not only that, she and Grace will be in the same class again. They’re both thrilled.

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