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4th of July!

Posted on: July 6, 2011

You may remember how phobic Shoshanna used to be about fireworks. We hadn’t even tried to expose her to them until last year, when we watched the UB fireworks from the pool and she was fine with them then. This year Theo (who is Big Now, since he’s 5) declared that he wanted to be closer to the show, so we planned to go to campus for the main show. So we spent the afternoon at the L’s house hanging by the pool and then headed out for a big ol’ picnic and fireworks.

Matthew has acquired a haremWe played frisbee, Matthew acquired a harem of catch-playing second- and third-grade girls (Jordan, Shoshanna, and Isabella), all the kids were incorporated into a KanJam game with some friendly college students we ate and drank of the vast quantities of food that everyone had brought. As it got dark, Corey passed out glow sticks and the older girls braided glowsticks into the younger girls’ hair.

The kids got sillytired. Shoshanna declared that she was brave. We reminded her that the fireworks would be loud but that they couldn’t hurt her.

We needn’t have worried; she loved them. She wanted to be close to us but she wasn’t scared. Theo, on the other hand, was a little bit freaked out despite being Big Now, but he soldiered on and enjoyed them in the end.

And really, how cute are they?



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