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First Sleepover -and- One Of Us

Posted on: June 22, 2011

First SleepoverI think it had been a year since Shoshanna and Jordan started campaigning for a sleepover, and they had their first one Saturday night (while both sets of parents went out to dinner together). I texted Corey Friday evening to tell her that she would soon have a kitchen sink (they’re currently renovating their kitchen) because Shoshanna seemed to be bringing everything she owns (sleeping bag, pajamas, pillow pet plus the three things – Abi, Jenny, and Annie the Android – she has to sleep with every night, swim stuff, change of clothes).BFF! BFF! BFF!

The good news is that the girls had a blast and still liked each other in the morning.Enough that there was basically no squabbling between the two of them during the hour we were in the car heading out to pick strawberries, and while we were waiting for everyone else to get there, and then when picking, too. Could they BE more adorable? I don’t think so.

Of course Shoshanna napped in the car on the way home.

She has also proven that she is One Of Us. We went to the library yesterday and, along with the picture books and American Girl books she wanted, she grabbed Charlotte’s Web. She knows the story well – they watched the movie and saw the play in pre-K, and this year it was one of the books that Mrs. S. read to them during their “rest” time, and they watched the movie as well. In the space of about an hour to an hour and a half yesterday afternoon and evening, she re-read the whole thing to herself. I think I’ll have to sneak Stuart Little into her library pile next time. (Now she’s reading the first of the three AG Rebecca books that we got). On the first day of counting, she’s already halfway to her free dinner at Applebee’s for their summer reading club. (Of course, they only require 10 books, which is a seriously slow week for Shoshanna. And that’s even when we don’t let her count books she’s read already… it would be a slow DAY if we let her count re-reads.)


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