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Ballet Recital 2011

Posted on: May 26, 2011

On with the show!Yes, Shoshanna has taken another year of ballet. Yes, she loved it. Yes, she intends to take ballet again next year, as well as tap. This year’s recital was last weekend. Luckily for us, the studio has grown enough that Miss Candace decided to have four shows, and Shoshanna was in the Sunday show which meant a couple of convenient things.

First: it meant that Matthew could go to the recital. (Which, it turns out, is always the same weekend as Canisius commencement.) Last year he went to the dress rehearsal but had to miss the show itself because it was at the same time as graduation.


Second: it meant that Shoshanna and I could go to Aethelmearc War Practice (good since I’m now a Kingdom officer and kinda needed to be there for Kingdom Officer-y Things). Shoshanna was pretty patient during the morning when I had to do my stuff and then we did what she wanted (played on the playground, went to kids’ activities, walked down to the lake and whined all the way back up the hill – it is a big, mean hill) in the afternoon.

Anyway. Back to ballet recital. They were dancing to Aaron Copland’s “Billy the Kid”, hence the bandannas. It was a very cute dance, with lots of jumping and of course the necessary tendus and port de bras. Shoshanna did quite well… in both dress rehearsal and the actual performance, she remembered which parts were hers and which were the other line’s, and she did the turns in the appropriate direction (this was a major sticking point last year). Jump!The day of the performance, she even lined up perfectly for the start of the dance (she was one end of a line and always ended up about 2′ off from the rest of the line, until Sunday morning when she did it perfectly, prompting Miss Candace to sneak up to us and exclaim “She even lined up just right!”)

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