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And then there was Softball…

Posted on: May 26, 2011

Shoshanna has been begging for ages to play t-ball. But last year by the time I figured out what the signup procedure was last year (I foolishly thought we might get some info about it from school) it was too late. So I made a note to myself to get her signed up early this year and she is a proud member of the Rebels, complete with jersey and MLB-branded baseball cap.

Equipment AdjustmentBut… the weather’s been awful. And we’ve had scheduling conflicts. So last night Shoshanna played in her first softball game (they start hitting pitched balls in the 5-7 league here) having attended exactly ONE practice. And she started the game at catcher… which actually wasn’t a horrible position for her, though she did declare that the equipment was heavy. (Cue old-lady spiel: when I was a kid we didn’t have shinguards and helmets and chest protectors! We wore a catcher’s mask and were happy to have that!) By the end of her two innings behind the plate she was stopping… some of the pitches and getting the ball most of the way back to the coach/pitcher and she did succeed in never beaning the batter in the process of throwing it back, so we’ll call that an achievement.

She got up to bat twice and made contact once, but it was a foul ball. Her facial expressions when she bats are worthy of a full-size picture.
Strike Three
She had a good time but was very disappointed to learn that they had lost 3-0. They play again on Saturday and if you REALLY feel the need to follow their progress, you can check her league’s standings here.


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