The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Symmetry Restored

Posted on: April 22, 2011

She now demands that we call her toothless wonder.

The second tooth bottom came out on Wednesday while the kids were at the Strong Museum on a camp field trip. You might think that losing a tooth on a field trip would make misplacing the thing a near certainty, but it was stashed in her lunch box and made its way safely back to camp.

Where she promptly misplaced it.

Thanks to the heroic search efforts of Miss Christine, it was located, still in its ziplock bag, in the trash can.

Number Two

Which meant that there was actually something to leave for the Tooth Fairy this time!

1 Response to "Symmetry Restored"

I think she must be the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen. I LOVE the age she is at….I taught first grade for several years. What a great teacher she must have to use the sticker chart (count your blessings…I’ve met so many teachers who aren’t so nearly accommodating!)

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