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This is what our lives have come to.

Posted on: April 11, 2011

Shoshanna has been having trouble focusing on her work at school.  She rushes through her work because she would rather be sitting in the reading corner with her nose in a book. So we got together with her teacher and devised a system: she has a card that stays on her desk and her goal is to get 10 stickers in a week for “reading at appropriate times” (i.e., not when she’s supposed to be doing something else).

Last week was the first week she’d managed to get all 10!

10 Stickers!

We took her out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate and this week she is the Special Person of the Week which is Mrs. S’s Really Big Carrot because the Special Person is someone who’s been on extra-good behavior. The Special Person gets to be a line leader, bring home the “Basket Buddies” (stuffed animals) for the weekend at the end of their week (next week is April break – we might get them for a whole week!), and have a poster about themselves up in the classroom.

The punchline is that when we told Grandma and Opa about this over Skype on Sunday, Shoshanna refused to participate in the conversation.

Because she was too busy reading a book.


4 Responses to "This is what our lives have come to."

That’s perfect. I like readers. Especially ones in the shape of my niece.

this made my day. I love this girl.

Oh, her Ford genes are coming out.

Have you MET her father, he who reads 10 things at once while doing the dishes? I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a FORD thing so much as just completely inevitable

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