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Posted on: February 6, 2011

The Perils of Being a Faculty Brat

Writing a letter to Maria, who is in Chile for her parents' sabbatical

Crazy weekend… went to temple with the Levines on Friday, to a Valentine’s Day party and to see the Harlem Globetrouters (Shoshanna’s pronunciation… I don’t have the heart to correct her because it’s so funny), and then today we baked bread (yum, and Shoshanna is a good kneader) and went to the pool in the afternoon.  Where Shoshanna demonstrated that she has mastered a jumping dive (a very beautiful jumping dive, in fact) AND she learned how to propel herself to the bottom of the 12′ deep end.

On the other hand, the cold that’s been in her nose for the past couple of weeks and caused enough wheezing last weekend that we had already bumped her up to twice-daily steroids has migrated to her chest and she was sucking some serious wind when she got up this morning (having NOT gotten a second session with Paula the Penguin yesterday because we didn’t get home from the basketball game ’til almost 9:30).  The first thing she said when she opened our door was “Daddy, I need my nebulizer; my chest feels tight” which was good because it turns out there’s a sound besides her throwing up that will rip me right out of a sound sleep, and that’s the sound of her wheezing.


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