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December Holidays, Part 2

Posted on: January 13, 2011

Beach Girl

Beach in late December, yay!

After just long enough at home to ascertain that the basement was not flooded and to make the cat really excited that we were back, we went BACK to the airport to head to Sarasota, Florida for New Year’s with the Hertzes.

While in Sarasota we went to the PAL Sailor Circus, to Busch Gardens, and to the beach (twice).

And I gotta say, there ain’t a thing in the world wrong with being able to go to the beach in late December.  That first day the water was COLD and the air temp was warm but not warm enough to actually justify going in the COLD water.  So we splashed around, went for a walk to look for shells, and Shoshanna got pretty much soaked to the skin anyway and didn’t seem to mind too terribly much.  Cora did NOT like the cold water… somewhere Fran has video of me trying to get her to put her feet in the water and Cora curling her legs up to her chest and howling.  (I’m such a GOOD aunt!)

Cousins <3 Each Other

Cousin ❤

Cora continues to WORSHIP the ground that Shoshanna walks on.  She gave Shoshanna a nickname that has actually stuck, too – her way of saying Shoshanna is too cute not to mimic: Nana (pronounced nah-nah).  Cora wants to do everything that Nana does.  At one point she saw Shoshanna put up the hood on her jacket and started trying to pull the back of her own sweater over her head.  Shoshanna has become comfortable with the role of “big cousin” and loves to help with Cora in any way she can (especially if it involves playing ring around the rosy).

Take THAT, height requirements!

Take THAT, height requirements!

Shoshanna had a blast at Busch Gardens, where we spent my birthday.  She insisted on getting measured for the kiddie coaster (she was way over the height limit to ride by herself but she wanted me to ride with her anyway) and discovered that with shoes she’s 46″ tall, which meant that she was tall enough to ride quite a number of “grown up” rides with adult accompaniment.  I think the crazy mouse coaster was her favorite.  I continued my tradition of breaking roller coasters on my birthday… three years ago Space Mountain broke while we were on it; this year Montu broke down while Josh, Jacy, and I were in line.

New Years’ Eve afternoon was spent on the beach.  The air temperature was much warmer than it had been on the 29th so we were able to actually go IN the water.  I realized when Shoshanna got an unexpected mouthful of the Gulf of Mexico that she had never actually been in a body of water with surf, so I taught her about turning her back to the waves and about undertow (not that the surf was strong enough for the undertow to be anything to worry about).  I was the first to go all the way out and Matthew and Harry eventually followed suit; I wanted to show Shoshanna how to ride a wave in but the approach was VERY rocky so that wasn’t going to be happening.  Ultimately we spent a good couple of hours building a giant fort that ALMOST stood up to the rising tide.  Almost.

And then on New Years’ Day we came home and in doing all the accumulated laundry from the two trips discovered that the drain tub on the washing machine had become very, very leaky.  Fortunately  the beginning of January turns out to be the best time of year to need to buy a new washer, so we got a very nice machine at a steep discount and I’ve been merrily washing everything I can get my hands on for a week now.


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