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December Holidays, Part 1

Posted on: January 4, 2011

Her Very Own

Shoshanna's Very Own Hanukkiah

I know, I know… I only seem to post about/around holidays.

Shoshanna got her very own hanukkiah from Grandma and Opa. The dreidel even spins!  We pretty much celebrated at home, though we did spend one of the later nights with our friends the Poulins, continuing the tradition of combining Christian and Jewish holidays with them (last spring we got together to dye Easter eggs during Passover).

Shoshanna is still loving first grade and she adores her teacher.  I went on my first 1st-grade field trip when the class went to see the Nutcracker and Shoshanna looooved it, especially since she knew one of the girls in the cast.

We went to Grammy and Grandpa’s new house in Portland for Christmas. They did a phenomenal job getting the house ready for company a week after the movers brought all their stuff! They also happen to live in the same neighborhood where Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books take place, which is a big appeal for Miss S, who has read them all.

With Ramona

Shoshanna with the Ramona statue in Grant Park

Klickitat Street!

28th and Klickitat (Ramona lives on Klickitat)

Shoshanna had a great time pestering all the adults who were around, playing with Nuncle Jake’s dog Daisy, and loving on her favorite present (from Dylan, who has a knack for presents for little kid): a horse pillow pet which she immediately named after Pansy the Wonder Pony (who sadly had to be euthanized last year).

Pansy the Wonder Pony Pillow Pet is her new BFF.

Snoozin' on Pansy the Wonder Pony Pillow Pet

In addition to visiting Ramona-related sites, we had dinner at Nuncle Jake and Auntie Em’s house, played lots of Playmobil, and visited the giant Christmas tree in downtown Portland as well as the main public library and, of course, Powell’s.

Coming next: New Year’s in Sarasota, FL.


2 Responses to "December Holidays, Part 1"

What a cool place to stay, we just watched the new Ramona movie and it was pretty cute. It is nice the old books still continue to be a favourite.
Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Please send me the Ford’s new e-mail address. I miss being in touch with Sharon & Warren tho it is great to see Shoshanna’s adventures with you! esta

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