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Posted on: December 1, 2010

As usual, we went down to Grandma and Opa’s house for Thanksgiving.  This was the first time (I think) that we’ve had all eight of us in the house at once for more than a night – grandparents, kids, grandkids.  Thanksgiving dinner was attended by 17 people and those of us in the younger two generations so vastly outnumbered those in the older generation that we got the big table while the “parents” were stuck at the end at the folding table.  And they haven’t heard the end of it yet.  We had given Shoshanna the job of Toddler Wrangler, since two of the seventeen are under seventeen months old (Cora and family friend Alex, who is six weeks younger than C).  She performed that role as well as any six year old only child could have been expected to.

Friday night Shoshanna got special Grandma and Opa time while J, J, & C went to visit a friend and M and I went to see Harry Potter; they went to see the Winter Lights which Shoshanna quite enjoyed.  Saturday we got together with other family friends and again the “kids” outnumbered the “grownups” (4 grandparents, 8 kids, 6 grandkids).  Shoshanna had a grand time playing with Drew (who is a year older than her but also in first grade) and I think Drew was happy to have someone to play with who wasn’t a sibling (he’s the eldest of 4).

Shoshanna really did much better with Cora this time than on previous visits… it didn’t even take any convincing to get her to read Cora a book!


3 Responses to "Thanksgiving"

As always, I’m dying of the cute….

Best wishes for new year 2011 to all the family (regards especially to Ford grandfolks!) esta

And best wishes to you two, too.

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