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Miscellaneous Awesome Shoshanna Things

Posted on: November 7, 2010

Yesterday morning while I was taking a shower, Shoshanna emptied the shoe rack in our room and laid out a very elaborate shoe maze on the floor, complete with multiple dead ends and only one possible path through it.

Today, we were at the bounce house/arcade with J and her mom and brother and we moms had finally relented and bought the kids tokens to play video games.  Shoshanna played her games (she is disturbingly fond of Deal or No Deal, and she always takes the first deal offered – I will occasionally play it in her presence and NOT take the first deal offered and it drives. her. insane.), fed her tickets into the ticket-eating machine, and trotted off to claim her prizes without any adult involvement whatsoever.  Happy as a clam she was, and oh-so independent.

And finally, she has finished sewing her first piece of SCA clothing.  No pictures yet, because I haven’t finished my part of the outfit.


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