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Wacky Birthday Weekend!

Posted on: September 27, 2010

Why confine birthday celebrations to just one day?  What fun is that?

SpinningShoshanna celebrated her birthday at school on Friday. She took cookies to share with her friends and they sang to her and Mrs. S. gave her a Barbie book about horses.  She went swimming with her friend idol M at after school and then we went to dinner at Wegmans and stayed for their screening of Up (which I survived without tears, but it was a very near thing more than once, especially the interstitial sequence that takes you through most of Ellie and Carl’s adult lives).  She crashed when we got home, of course.

Saturday she and I got up early and watched some TV and then she demanded to open her presents in our bed, which she did.  We all had breakfast and then we headed out to pick up the rental car that we were going to need.  Shoshanna was surprisingly nonplussed by the fact that we needed a rental car; she didn’t ask any questions about it.  She and Matthew left the agency ahead of me and headed to the airport to wait for me, because that’s where you meet up with people, he told her.  Again, surprisingly nonplussed.  She did start to get a little annoyed with us when we told her that we had gotten her 2 free hours of people-watching for her birthday.  Before she totally lost it, though, she figured out why we were there.

It's CORA!That’s right, Shoshanna was the beneficiary of the fact that her aunt and uncle are really and truly clinically insane.  Jacy had won some standby tickets on Southwest and they used them to fly up here for the day – arriving bout 9:30 and leaving again at 5:30.  She was THRILLED to see her cousin, and I think Cora was just as happy to have a big kid to tag along after.  We stopped off at home for a bit, then went out for a brunchish meal where the girls amused themselves running around, climbing steps, and playing cars for the 20 minutes that we had to wait for a table.

d'awwwwwwThe many faces of Cora LIly
After that, we headed to the Science Museum to see the robotic dinosaurs, the mummies, the regular dinosaur exhibit, and the play area (which both girls loved).  Came home AGAIN, had cake and went rollerskating while the baby napped, built a city out of Shoshanna’s new legos, and then took the intrepid travelers back to the airport.


Do you think we were done yet?  NO!  Shoshanna had been very much looking forward to being allowed to learn to use the sewing machine, so I showed her and she managed to make a pincushion before we took her out to dinner.

And thus ended her ACTUAL sixth birthday.  Still to come: her birthday PARTY, which was on Sunday afternoon.


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