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Mothers’ Day Tidbits

Posted on: May 9, 2010

  • Shoshanna ate 90% of her dinner last night with chopsticks.  Grandma and Laura gave up before Shoshanna did.  Relatedly, Shoshanna demanded leftovers from that dinner (at Golden Duck) for her lunch tomorrow, even after I explained to her that she would not be getting chopsticks to eat it with.
  • Most SureStep SMOs last their wearers 18 months.  Shoshanna’s lasted her 10.  Don said it was up to us whether or not to get her another pair but she has made such great strides with them that it was a no-brainer to do another year or so in them.  Miss Erika (her school PT) agreed with that assessment.
  • Only one more session of myofascial therapy, which we have also seen huge benefits from.  Today Shoshanna and Matthew were doing “lizard on a rock” (one of her favorite yoga poses – see here, only we do it with Shoshanna’s arms extended over her head and us grasping them and pulling into a gentle stretch) and there was virtually no difference in the extension she was able to get in her left arm versus her right.
  • Shoshanna VERY MUCH wanted to cook me breakfast today but she wanted to make scrambled eggs and her assistants in this endeavor (the assistance she needs with scrambled eggs at this point is mostly stove-supervision) were to be … Matthew and Opa, neither of whom can stand the sight/smell/thought of raw eggs.  Somehow M convinced her that bringing home bagels would be the better option.  They also brought big bouquets of flowers for Grandma and me (both of which we kept, since it’s not exactly practical to take cut flowers on a plane).

And because I have been lax in posting pictures of late… and yes, they are both of her cooking.

Made Her Own Breakfast

Her first time using the stove: scrambled eggs with cheese.


Seasoning Chicken. On this night she did about half of the dinner prep herself.


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helene loves chopsticks too. what is that?

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