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She really busts her hiney…

Posted on: April 3, 2010

In addition to Shoshanna’s school-based physical therapy, which focuses only on things that affect her educational experience (i.e., her ability to keep up with her peers, i.e., things from the waist down), she is now getting a form of physical therapy called myofascial release (along with more conventional PT exercises) to address the reduced range of motion and strength in her left arm and shoulder.  We have always heard from Shoshanna’s physical therapists that she’s very cooperative and works really hard in therapy, and I certainly observed that when I sat in a couple of PT sessions last summer, but let me say this:


In her first real therapy session, here’s what she did:

  • Gave high-fives that required her to stretch high, low, and to the side.
  • Lay on her back punching at the ceiling.
  • Resisted the PT as she tried to move Shoshanna’s extended arm.
  • Passed a 1-pound ball back and forth requiring her to stretch high, low, and to the side.
  • Manipulated a therapy ball in all directions while pushing down on it with both hands.
  • Lay on the ball and walked herself back and forth with her arms.
  • Did wheelbarrows around the PT gym, much to the amusement of everyone else there.

After all this, the PT did the actual release therapy, which is basically deep stretching of her shoulder.  Next week, she has been promised, she will work on her ballet port-de-bras as part of the PT workout.


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