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Someday we’ll run out of shoes…*

Posted on: March 15, 2010

Remember the wheeze?  It came back, and it brought friends.  Shoshanna started having a slight cough on Saturday, it was worse yesterday, and this morning she woke up coughing around 5:40 and when she climbed into bed with us at 6 she seemed short of breath and very very rattly to both of us.  The short of breath was new and prompted us to decide that she was making a trip to the MD’s today.

Fortunately, they were able to get her in for a 9 AM appointment.  She weighed in at 45.4 pounds fully clothed.  We actually had to wait quite a while but when Dr. E was ready, she was – as always – extremely thorough.  She had a look and a listen and heard the same wheeze that multiple medical professionals and we had heard over the past 3 months.  No ear infection, no sinus infection, good air movement, just with sound effects.  So we hooked Shoshanna up for a breathing treatment in the office.  That helped but not as much as Dr. E wanted it to – after one dose of albuterol she could still here a wheeze.

Penguin nebulizer

Meet Paul the Penguin

And so we welcomed a new friend into our life.  Isn’t he cute?  With the igloo carrying case?  Did you even know that they made nebulizers in penguin shapes?  Apparently they do.  I insisted that he needed a name, so Shoshanna chose Paul.  He had to be a boy – he’s got a bow tie!  (THAT was her logic, not mine.)  We’re to do 2 pulmicort (inhaled steroid) treatments a day for a couple of days and then drop to one a day, and albuterol every 4-6 hours and then declining and we go back for a recheck in a week.  The first treatment at home was a bit of a challenge because Shoshanna was EXHAUSTED (after her appointment she went to class with me and played happily on my laptop while I lectured, then had lunch in my office, and then we had to stop by the MD’s to actually pick up the neb and then we had to go to Wegmans to get the meds to go IN the neb and we had to wait for the better part of an hour there) and she was a little freaked out because they said we had to be careful not to let the pulmicort blow into her eyes and gave us a special mouthpiece for the neb that prevents that but she was concerned about it anyway.  I finally convinced her to try it and she was fine because we sat and read the first chapter of Meet Josefina while she took her meds.  And then she passed out in our bed.

*Speaking of which, aren’t these cute?  We just got them this weekend & they work great with her SureSteps.


2 Responses to "Someday we’ll run out of shoes…*"

The Penguin is SO cute!!! I did not know they made them like that-our neb is a blue box, although it had a fish mask. Now we have graduated to a “spacer”; a clear plastic tube. Bummer to have to deal with it all however. I think it’d be better to not even know what a nebulizer is!

Yeah, we have a regular albuterol inhaler with spacer, too. (Two, actually – one for me and one for the kiddo.) But it just wasn’t doing the trick these days.

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