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Move Over, Will Shakespeare…

Posted on: March 8, 2010

One of Shoshanna’s homework assignments this week was to “work with a family member to write a poem about animal sounds”.

We kind of left out the “work with a family member” part; last night while I was making dinner she sat at the kitchen table with her notebook and composed the following ditty:

Qwak Qwak a duck
ran rowd the
trac It fal

That translates to

Quack quack a duck
ran round the
track.  It fell

Clearly she has found her literary niche, although her composition for “Draw and write about an adventure that your pet or another pet could have” is equally scintillating:

Once upon a time Juneau (Jordan’s dog) and Greta (a made up rabbit named for a friend of hers) went on a adventure they saw a lion.

Stay tuned, folks.  I smell a Nobel, or maybe an Oscar for best screenplay.


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