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A Kindergarten Vocabulary Primer

Posted on: February 14, 2010

For those who might need help understanding five year olds, and they do sometimes require an experienced interpreter, I present two of the most important words in the kindergarten vocabulary:

  • Silly: anything that is fun or good.  Usually uttered in response to something someone has done.  Usage: “That’s SILLY!” accompanied by giggles.
  • Boring: the ultimate epithet.  Usually uttered to describe clothing that is plain-colored, having one’s teeth brushed, or homework that one doesn’t want to do.

2 Responses to "A Kindergarten Vocabulary Primer"

Funny! The girls are currently in the midst of their first non-family, non-mommy’s-friend, playdate. This little girl is nice, but slightly bossy, and just used the word “boring.” Holland said, “You can’t say that!” The little girl asked, “why not?” Holland said, “We aren’t allowed to say that word in our house!”

Ha! Is this true, have you banned the word from your house? If we did that I think the child might be silenced… she has even been known to mutter it in her sleep.

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