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Paraphernalia and a link to a giveaway

Posted on: February 7, 2010

SuppliesWas it inevitable that our lives would involve more than just my albuterol inhaler? We don’t have a really good picture of what the status of Shoshanna’s lungs is but we haven’t worried about it too much since she so rarely gets sick. Certainly there was nothing worthy of comment when she had pneumonia last winter. But she’s had a cold on one level or another since shortly after school started and that has led, probably inevitably, to her also having a bit of a chronic wheeze.  The nurse practitioner who saw her when she came down with pinkeye in mid-December noticed it and prescribed a rescue inhaler after an in-office nebulizer treatment helped it.  We were actually quite glad to have it in India, where the air quality made everyone wheezy.  When it didn’t clear up even in the two weeks between when we got back and when she got yet another cold (thanks, kindergarten germs!) we took her to the doctor for it.  They did two things: 1) actually gave her a script for a spacer of her own so she doesn’t have to use mine and 2) suggested a daily antihistamine in case the wheeze was being caused by allergies.  And in fact, that seems to be the case, because since she started taking zyrtec every morning we’ve only used her inhaler a couple of times despite her having a cold.

In other news, Stacy over at The Preemie Experiment has an awesome giveaway: a copy of MicroPreemie power, which is a comic book about life in the NICU.  I had never heard of Team Spectacular but you can’t argue with a guy who’s willing to put the NICU experience in graphic (in both senses, near as I can tell) format.


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Thanks so much for posting a link to my site and for the kind works. It means so much to me and my family.



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