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Two anecdotes:

Posted on: January 26, 2010

One of Shoshanna’s homework assignments this week was to write questions about baby animals and for a family member to answer them.  She had no problem coming up with three questions, and wrote them with very little spelling assistance (I did point her to places where she had written difficult words before so she could copy the spelling).  And so I present her questions, with my answers.

  1. Where do polar bears live?
    In the Arctic where it is very cold.
  2. Where do raccoons like to play?
    In the woods where they can climb trees.
  3. Where do bats like to sleep?
    Hanging upside down from the roof of a cave.

She dutifully read my answers and said, “Thanks Mommy.  I asked questions that I wanted to know the answers to.”

Shoshanna is on the campaign trail.  She wants a pet.  This morning at breakfast, she said “If I had a pet I wouldn’t have to play by myself.”  We asked her who would take care of the pet and she dutifully pointed to herself.  She started out thinking that she needs a dog, and we pointed out that we would have to walk a dog every day because we couldn’t just let a dog out to run in our yard.  We also pointed out that if we had a dog it would be much harder for us to do things like go to SCA events because you can’t just leave a dog by itself and go away for the whole day.  She considered this and said, “Then we should get a cat.”  I asked who would change the cat’s litterbox and she declared, “Oooh, stinky” and pointed to the two of us.  She considered for a moment more and said, “I would like a hamster.  Hamsters are fun.”

At least she understands the relative amount of work each type of pet requires!


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