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It’s a rollercoaster…

Posted on: December 6, 2009

Wednesday when I picked S up at after-school, she looked kind of glazed and her cheeks were VERY rosy.  One look at her and I knew she had a fever.  (This was not entirely unexpected, as M has been battling a very tenacious virus since Thanksgiving – in his case it has decided to turn into bronchitis & an ear infection.)  Her temp when we got home was 100.7.  She also had a runny nose (which, let’s be frank, she’s had to some degree since school started) and a slight cough.

She stayed home Thursday, making lots of art and taking a 2 1/2 hour nap.  The fever never returned so we sent her to school on Friday and she was fine.

Yesterday she and I went to an SCA event.  We got there around 10:30, maybe 11 and at about 12:15 she climbed into my lap, saying she was tired.  I thought she might be hungry but she was also REALLY hot, so home we came.  We had some lunch and then she and I headed out to the after hours clinic.  By the time they got us in to see the doctor, her temp was 103.

But she shows no signs of anything bacterial – her lungs were “clear as a bell”, her ears and throat are fine.  So… it’s just a virus.  We came home & doped her up on Motrin and she and M lounged in bed watching ice dancing on tv while I cooked dinner.

This morning, she bounced into our room at 6:35, cool as a cucumber.


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