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Birthday Party and Halloween!

Posted on: October 31, 2009

As I think I mentioned before, we postponed Shoshanna’s birthday party – the third week of school at a new school was just too crazy to contemplate.  She desperately wanted to have it at the bounce place so we booked it for today, not because of Halloween, but just because it was the most convenient day for us.

Julianna Leads the WaySo we had about 10 kids at Leaps & Bounce for pizza, cake, and more running around than you can imagine.  You can get half an idea of how crazy the place is from this picture… at the end is the inflatable jousting arena, which is just general bouncing when there’s no one jousting.  The rainbow-striped thing next to Shoshanna and J.V. is a kind of maze that finishes in an extremely steep slide.  At the end of the room is another (less steep) slide, a “generic” bounce house, and a garden-themed on with mushrooms and a little slide and other stuff in it. <3 And, lucky her, she got to see Jordan for the second time in 8 days. We’ve all been so busy that the girls haven’t seen nearly as much of each other as they would like.

Anyway.  Shoshanna had a blast, many of her good friends were there, and OH do her friends know her – we have so many craft projects in our future –  and she was ALMOST asleep when we got home.  She did nap, thankfully.  Because she had to get her energy up for trick or treating!!!

As usual, Evil Auntie Eilis outdid herself, with possibly the most bizarre Halloween costume request ever.  See, when our friends were here in July, Ben showed us this video.  And Shoshanna IMMEDIATELY wanted to be the purple girl. Why?  I have no idea.  But lo and behold, here we have her.

The Purple Caramelldansen Girl


2 Responses to "Birthday Party and Halloween!"

Love the costume!!! She makes me laugh!

And just wait until she wants to recreate it in college. Oy!

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