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Happy Birthday!

Posted on: September 26, 2009

Five. Wow.

So done.

End of the day completely exhausted birthday girl

We sent Shoshanna off to school yesterday wearing her new birthday dress and with her backpack loaded down with 2 boxes of animal crackers and a jug of juice for snacktime.

More insanity

Crazy Girls

We had some friends over for pizza & cupcakes last night – not a proper birthday party, that will be next month sometime once we have contact info for all her new kindergarten friends that she wants to invite.  Just five kids including Shoshanna, some time to run around outside, then dinner and hepping them up on cupcakes they decorated themselves.

Cupcake cruise director

Shoshanna the Cupcake Cruise Director

When just Ben and Jordan were still at the house, Shoshanna and Jordan ran upstairs to go to the bathroom.  A few minutes later I heard her bellowing for me and went upstairs to find the thing that it probably hasn’t occurred to any of you to fear:

Two five year old girls, a full toilet, and a toilet plunger.

Yeah.  Thankfully no harm was done.  They had decided the toilet wasn’t working right and were trying to fix it.  Then Shoshanna was so tired she kept trying to convince Jordan to play “sleep”.

Silly girls

Can you see from Shoshanna's face how completely exhausted she is?

She passed out cold when we put her to bed.

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