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Ballet & A Checkup

Posted on: September 19, 2009

Big week ’round these parts!

Monday was Shoshanna’s first ballet class.  If you want the very definition of nervous energy, the lobby of a dance studio in the 10 minutes before the first day of a pre-ballet class for kindergartners is it.  And there are a whopping seventeen girls in the class – so many that Miss Amanda has an 11-ish year old assistant (which is very cute).  Shoshanna loved it.

First ballet class...

First ballet class...

Shoshanna also came down with her first cold of the new school year mid-week (probably compliments of new germs and reduced sleep) but as usual it isn’t slowing her down.  She was mad that we didn’t let her try to blow the shofar with all the other kids at Rosh Hashanah services today, though.  And on Thursday we went to the doctor for her checkup.  Dr. L says she’s healthy as a horse.  She’s enormous – 43 pounds on their scale, and still just a smidge under 42″ tall.  This was the first year they felt comfortable giving her the flumist (live virus) instead of the injection (dead virus) and she’s shown no ill effects from it (less of a reaction than I usually have to the injection).  She also got the final varicella shot.  She’ll get an H1N1 vaccine when they become available, probably in about a month.


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