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The pieces are falling into place…

Posted on: August 20, 2009

Last week we got our notes notifying us of Shoshanna’s classroom assignment (which she shares her friends G & S, and maybe more kids that she already knows, they are just the ones we’ve talked to/heard about) and where her bus stop will be (on the next corner over), but not when the bus will come.  I anticipate a long bus ride; I’m not above calling and complaining if it’s too long.  We may live at the edge of the city, but that’s not an excuse for putting a kid on the bus for hours and hours.

Yesterday we got her paperwork for her after school program, including a contract laying out behavior expectations & consequences to be signed by both parents & the kid.  And sign it she did.


4 Responses to "The pieces are falling into place…"

The bus schedule, unfortunately probably won’t be available for another week or so. If you are lucky you will see it BEFORE

The first day of school. Stupid fingers.

And what, exactly, are the expected behaviors and consequences?

Behaviors are listening to what the staff ask of the kids and generally being well-behaved. Consequences are a three-strikes system. Asking for the behavior to stop, a warning, and then consequences proportional to the infraction. I know they use time outs heavily (in fact, she told us she had to sit out of the pool at camp yesterday though she didn’t tell us why).

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