The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Oh, the covetousness of almost-five-year-olds…

Posted on: August 14, 2009

Yesterday we went out to shop for birthday gifts for Shoshanna’s friend Jordan.  I had checked with J’s mom about what gifts would be most appreciated, and Shoshanna had picked beads to make jewelry with as the most appealing option.  We picked out a bead set and I told Shoshanna that she could choose one other small thing to buy.  She IMMEDIATELY selected a decorate-your-own-crown-plaque kit.  We started to head for the cash register and then had the following conversation.

Shoshanna (hugging the crown kit): Mama, I really love this.
Me: I know you do.  It’s a good choice; Jordan will love it to.
S: No, mama.  I really really love it.
Me:  Shoshanna, you picked it as a gift for Jordan.  That means we are giving it to her.
S: But mama, I really really REALLY love it.
Me: Well, you have a birthday coming up, too.  I will remember that you like it.

This conversation continued as we were paying.  Then Shoshanna got quiet for a few seconds … and suggested in a very hopeful voice,

“Mama, usually we only give people ONE present for their birthdays!”

I managed to hold it together (as did the cashier) and explained to her that we had bought the toy for Jordan.  I suggested to her that probably Jordan’s mom will ask what Shoshanna would like for her birthday and I can tell her that a crown plaque kit would be something that Shoshanna would really like.


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