The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie

Just call her Strep Shoshanna…

Posted on: July 10, 2009

… because like Typhoid Mary, she can harbor bacteria without any symptoms.

We were at the ped’s today because when they re-checked her a couple of weeks after she had strep in May, her nodes were still a little big and they wanted a recheck later.

Dr. M confirmed that she does have some seasonal allergies and said that saline wash and OTC antihistamine are the way to go.  And her nodes were still a bit big, but not remarkably so.  That would all have been fine, except she had enlarged tonsils, too.  So he swabbed her.

Yeah.  She’s positive for strep.  Again.

Is she just a carrier?  We don’t know… we’re on another course of zithromax (after Dr. M toyed with Omnicef but changed his mind due to the apparent mildness of the infection and the possible cross-sensitivity with the cillins) and they’re going to re-swab her in 2 weeks.


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