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Road trips to meet Internet friends…

Posted on: June 30, 2009

Probably the best of the bunch...

Liz, Quinn, Kaitlyn, Shoshanna, and Sarah

Some of you may know that I help moderate a mailing list for parents and caregivers of micropreemies.  Today Shoshanna and I had the luck to get to meet the founder of that list, Liz McCarthy.  Liz had micropreemie twin girls almost exactly a year after I had Shoshanna, and Liz’s girls were due a year to the day after Shoshanna was.  They lost Corinne after just a few hours and have had pretty big food- and sensory-related struggles with their surviving twin Kaitlyn.  (You can read their whole story on Liz’s blog.)

Snack Time

Shoshanna, Quinn, and Kaitlyn chowing down

So Liz and I have known each other online for three and a half years now but had never met in person before this afternoon.  We had an awesome playdate at Liz’s in-laws home at the Chautauqua Institution this afternoon – very much worth the 3 hours in the car there and back!  The kids (also including Kaitlyn’s cousin Stella) played, ate snacks, mostly listened when we told them to avoid the swamp on the playground, played some more, and ate dinner while the adults chatted about this, that, and everything.

It’s such fun to finally meet people in person who I’ve corresponded with for years, who I feel like I know pretty well even though we’ve only ever seen each other in pictures and maybe talked on the phone a couple of times.  Bonus points for them being awesome preemie parents, too!

Striding purposefully...


1 Response to "Road trips to meet Internet friends…"

Oh, I’m so jealous! Looks like you all had so much fun–love the pics of the girls together!!

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